In my career, I have had the opportunity to serve clients facing all types of personal and professional challenges.   As a vocational rehabilitation counselor, I have worked with individuals seeking help with a variety of challenges that affected their employment opportunities. These challenges included mental health and substance use disorders, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and head injuries. In a senior clinical position, I have provided direction to rehabilitation counselors, teachers and social workers whose adolescent and adult clients were facing imminent vision loss. I have also supervised a residential group home performing individual and group psychotherapy services for both inpatient and outpatient programs. As part of a Veterans Administration Fellowship rotation on both the Newington and West Haven campuses, I have performed outreach, case management and therapy services for homeless veterans.

The focus of my work is to directly address the problems that are creating challenges for you today. In my clinical experience, most people are interested in pinpointing their issues, formulating a plan to address those problems and implementing changes that will help resolve them. One of the greatest challenges we face as individuals is embracing our own potential for change in order to improve our lives.

Please contact me to help you make the positive changes you seek in your life!

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